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Natural Dentist Services


Mercury free, Fluoride free, Nickel free, Latex free, Fragrance free.


Your preferences are the most important to us here at Natural Dental Health Associates. We provide natural, holistic dentistry choices and full disclosure with all options, fully explained. Fear and anxiety are treated gently to get the dental care you request completed.

General Dentistry
Least toxic and least invasive treatments

New Patient Exam
Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
Recall Exam
Second Opinion Consultation
Non-surgical periodontal treatment
Chemical sensitivity patients and those with allergies are welcome- Fragrance free office


Digital x-rays
90% less radioactive than standard X-rays If you have Bite-wings less than a year old we can use them. Panoramic X-rays are good for 3-5 years. Call your previous dentist to have them emailed to us before your appointment.
- Bitewings
- Panoramic

Cosmetic Dentistry
Full service restorative practice including natural cosmetic, aesthetic treatment

Whitening (In chair or Whitening trays) Biocompatible restorations
Removal of old fillings and crowns is safe in our office .
**We protect you from breathing or swallowing airborne vapor or debris during the removal process
Partials - Replacement of missing teeth without using metal

Children’s Holistic Dentistry
Attachment Parenting support
La Leche League friendly
Behavior Management (What is Behavior Management?)

Orthodontics for the whole family
Pre-Ortho consultation
Ortho consultation
Metal free Invisalign and ClearCorrect orthodontics
Snore and sleep apnea appliances
Interceptive structural orthopedic orthodontics for children
Orthodontics with metal free
Invisalign for adults and teens